MisiOL is a player who likes high kicker flights and a water jumper. It floats on INVICTIA 149. Its free style of being can be felt both in the driving style and on land. He always advises, is open and helpful in wakeboarding topics. You can meet him on vac press in Poland and in the world.

wes is our rider overseas (USA). you can meet him at the most stylish wakepark in the world - Valdosta Wake Company. Smiga on the Kraken 156. obstacles are fun, and in combination with his riding style and favorite board give a unique feeling that everything he does is easy, although in opacity it is different. Lightness and agility are its main advantages.



                                     ŁUKASZ PIEKARSKI

piekar He is a characteristic rider who likes to ride on obstacles including on rails and boxes. his High transfers are visible from a distance. He is resident Rueda Wakepark, if you do not find him on the water, look for him at the controls of the lift. His favorite board is pipe cleaner 147. Smile and openness are his strengths in establishing contacts with wakeboarders. daringly strike him, he always gives advice.

mati is a very technical raider. He likes tricks with good style, and every ride gives him great fun. Hannibal (146) always gives him good-looking tricks. His adventure with wakeboard began in Opole and continues to this day. Most often you will meet him at Rueda Wakepark.