1. This Privacy Policy sets out the rules for the processing of personal data obtained for

via the online store www.prgsboards.com (hereinafter: the "Online Store").

2. The owner of the Store and at the same time the data administrator is Bartosz Kasperski

business activity under the name Kasperski Serwis with its registered office in Opole, ul. Oleska 14-22, entered into

Central Register and Information on Economic Activity kept by the Minister of Development,

NIP: 7542765263, hereinafter referred to as prgsboards.com.

3.Prgsboards.com takes special care to respect the privacy of customers

Online Store visitors.

§ 1 How do we collect data?

1. Wakeshop.pl collects information about natural persons performing legal transactions

not directly related to their activities, natural persons running on their own behalf

business or professional activities and natural persons representing legal entities or

organizational units that are not legal persons to whom the law confers legal capacity,

conducting business or professional activities on their own behalf, hereinafter referred to together

2. Customers' personal data is collected in the case of:

a) registering an account in the Online Store;

b) placing an order in the Online Store;

c) subscription to the newsletter (Newsletter).

3. When registering an account in the Online Store, the Customer provides:

a) email address;

b) address details:

a. zip code and city;

b. country (state);

c. street with house / flat number.

c) name and surname;

d) gender and date of birth;

e) telephone number.

4. When registering an account in the Online Store, the Customer sets an individual password by himself

access to your account. The customer may change the password at a later time, on the terms described

in §4.

5. When placing an order in the Online Store, the Customer provides the following data:

a) email address;

b) address details:

a. zip code and city;

b. country (state);

c. street with house / flat number.

c) name and surname;

d) gender and date of birth;

e) telephone number.

6. In the case of Entrepreneurs, the above range of data is further extended by:

a) the Entrepreneur's company;

b) tax identification number.

7. When using the Newsletter service, the Customer shall only provide his email address.

8. When using the Online Store Website, additional information may be downloaded, in

in particular: the IP address assigned to the customer's computer or the supplier's external IP address

Internet, domain name, browser type, access time, operating system type.

9. Navigation data may also be collected from customers, including information about links and

links in which they decide to click or other activities undertaken in our

Online Store.

§ 2 How do we use the collected data?

1. In the case of registering an account in the Online Store, customer data is used

are to create and manage an individual account.

2. In the case of a purchase in the Store, personal data may be transferred to the company

courier to deliver the ordered goods.

3. Navigation data can be used to provide customers with better service and analysis

statistical data and adapting the Online Store to customer preferences as well

administering the Online Store.

4. In the event that the Customer subscribes to the newsletter (Newsletter) to his e-mail address

mail prgsboards.com will send electronic messages containing commercial information about

promotions and new products available in the Online Store.

§ 3 Cookies mechanism, IP address

1. The Online Store uses small files called cookies. They are saved by

prgsboards.com on the computer of the person visiting the Online Store, if the browser

Internet on allows. A cookie usually contains the name of the domain from which it comes, its "time

expiry & quot; and an individual, randomly selected number identifying this file. Information Collected for

with the help of files of this type, they help to tailor the products offered by prgsboards.com to

individual preferences and actual needs of people visiting the Online Store. I also give

the possibility of developing general statistics of visits to the presented products in the Store

2. Wakeshop.pl uses two types of cookies:

a) Session cookies: saved after the end of the browser session or turning off the computer

information is deleted from the device's memory. The mechanism does not allow session cookies

downloading any personal data or any confidential information from the customers' computer.

b) Persistent cookies: they are stored in the memory of the client's terminal device and remain there until

when they are deleted or expire. The mechanism of persistent cookies does not allow downloading

any personal data or any confidential information from the clients' computer.

3 prgsboards.com. uses its own cookies to:

a) authenticate the Customer in the Online Store and provide Customer sessions in the Online Store

(after logging in), thanks to which the Customer does not have to return to each subpage of the Online Store

enter login and password;

b) analysis and research and audience audit, in particular for the creation of anonymous statistics,

that help understand how customers use the Store Website, co

allows you to improve its structure and content.

4. prgsboards.com uses external cookies to:

a) collecting general and anonymous static data through analytical tools

Google Analytics (external cookie administrator: Google Inc. with its registered office in the USA);

b) presentation of the Reliable Regulations Certificate via the website

rzetelnyregulamin.pl (administrator of external cookies: Rzetelna Grupa sp.z o.o.with headquarters in

In Warsaw).

5. The cookie mechanism is safe for computers of Online Store Customers. IN

in particular, it is not possible for viruses or other computers to enter your computers

unwanted software or malware. Nevertheless in your browsers

Customers have the option of limiting or disabling cookie access to computers. IN

if you use this option, you will be able to use the Online Store, except for

functions that by their nature require cookies.

6. Below we show how you can change the settings of popular web browsers in

the scope of using cookies:

a) Internet Explorer browser;

b) Mozilla Firefox browser;

c) Chrome browser;

d) Safari browser;

e) Opera browser.

7. Wakeshop.pl may collect Customers' IP addresses. The IP address is the number assigned to the computer

a person visiting the Online Store by an internet service provider. The IP number allows

Internet access. In most cases, it is assigned dynamically to the computer, i.e.

changes every time you connect to the Internet and is therefore widely regarded as

non-personal identifying information. The IP address is used by prgsboards.com at

diagnosing technical problems with the server, creating statistical analyzes (e.g. determining

from which regions we record the most visits), as information useful for administration and

improving the Online Store, as well as for security purposes and possible identification

incriminating server, unwanted automatic programs for browsing Store content

8. The Online Store contains links and references to other websites. prgsboards.com no

is responsible for the privacy policies applicable to them.

§ 4 Access to data and security

1. Personal data collected by prgsboards.com via the Online Store are

processed in accordance with Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council

of 27 April 2016 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and

on the free movement of such data and repealing Directive 95/46 / EC (Official Journal EU.L No.

119, p. 1)

2. They have access to personal data of Customers collected via the Online Store

only authorized employees of prgsboards.com

3. Customers' personal data may be transferred to other entities on the basis of legal provisions

or consent expressed by the customer. The list of entities referred to in the previous sentence is indicated

is in the paragraph: "How do we use the collected data?".

4. prgsboards.com provides clients who have an account uninterrupted access to theirs

personal data and the ability to modify them at any time. Access and modification of data

personal are possible after logging into the account in the Online Store.

5. The customer has the option of removing personal data from the data set. prgsboards.com may

refuse to delete the Customer's data if he violated the regulations in force in the Online Store,

and the retention of data is necessary to clarify these circumstances and determine responsibility, a

in particular prgsboards.com seeking claims against a given Customer.

6. If you subscribe to the newsletter, you can delete your address

email from the mailing list.

7. In the event that the Customer who has an account in the Store has lost the access password in any way

The store allows you to generate a new password. prgsboards.com does not send a password reminder.

The password is stored in an encrypted database in a way that prevents it

read. To generate a new password, enter the e-mail address in the form available

under the "Forgot your password" link provided on the login form to the account in the Store. new

the password will be automatically sent to the e-mail address provided during registration or

saved to the last account profile change.

8. prgsboards.com never sends any correspondence, including electronic correspondence from

requesting login details, in particular the password to access the Customer's account.

§ 5 Changes to the Privacy Policy

1. The Privacy Policy may change, about which prgsboards.com will inform Customers from

7 days in advance.

2. Questions regarding the Privacy Policy should be directed to: hello@prgsboards.com

3. Date of last modification: 13.09.2018.